Contour step three in addition to implies that the latest quiddity out-of sites memes is actually with the this cohesiveness-individuality nexus

Given that expressed, meme group that have been found to be many cohesive was indeed in addition to those discussing original unique content and you can function qualities (R dos = .83). Eg, “Too Really Highest” distinctively works together with political things, and in “Photos of the day,” extremely days included each other visual and you can tunes adjustments.

It displays about three quantities of quiddity concreteness, demonstrating that meme families which have an extremely visible and you can real quiddity (an item otherwise a specific character) plus tended to do have more cohesive and you may unique content, contribution, and you can setting generic services. Brand new extraordinary high millions of “Celebrity Battles Guy” exemplify that it relation. New uniform exposure of unique sword throughout the most out-of instances provided that it meme relatives a real quiddity. But at the same time, a number of the occasions have been very similar to each other within the the fresh common setting, contribution, and you will articles properties, discussing new seemingly book affairs regarding fights.


Contained in this investigation, we operating a giant-scale research to analyze the newest themes and you can structures underpinning Websites meme companies. Our very own departure section is a theoretic difference between two pushes you to definitely join web sites memes with her: the specific quiddities of one’s own members of the family while the common features of the broader meme culture. We strived not just to provide a descriptive review of these forces, but also to describe how they are connected with one another, and to the dwelling away from meme companies. The brand new conclusions of this exploratory attempt contribute to brand new literary works toward web sites memes in lot of theoretical and you may methodological domain names, because the summarized below.

Identifying prominent quiddity versions: The research revealed four variety of quiddities – target, specific character, common character, action, and you may terms. The fact that step was the most frequent is especially discussing: Oftentimes, they presented the fresh new embodied character regarding web sites memes, and this make to the activities of individuals who imitate anyone else regarding the personal areas (Shifman, 2013 ). Imitating an action inside the an individual’s individual method is primarily easy to perform and concept is simple understand (Lewis, 2012 ). Therefore, it might function as an inviting way to include oneself toward this new memetic change.

Contour 3 shows with the a spread spot chart the key self-confident dating involving the quiddity concreteness from meme household and cohesiveness and individuality of their universal features

Identifying the popular (and periphery) of memetic industries: I defined the mainstream regarding meme society of the describing by far the most prominent content, participation, and mode top features of prominent web sites memes and their circumstances. Support earlier in the day qualitative observations (Milner, 2012 , 2013c), it actually was learned that light male children and you may teenagers had been the typical people normally. Preferred people, restaurants, and you may the newest media was indeed the most frequent subject areas, when you are governmental content are much less common. These findings corroborate before conversations of your own “whimsical” gist regarding internet memes in addition to their solid association to help you pop culture (Knobel & Lankshear, 2007 ; Shifman, 2012 ).

The cohesiveness and you can uniqueness out of meme families: Given the difference in quiddity and general services, the new cohesiveness off good meme relatives in terms of universal articles, participation, and form isn’t protected. Our very own findings indicate that even if meme parents are usually cohesive, the amount of cohesiveness varies greatly between parents. A central element we found to be synchronised with this specific variability is uniqueness, or range about popular. The greater number of unique an excellent meme household members is, the greater number of the similarity from functions one of its occasions. That it interested in validates that which we tagged because individuality-cohesiveness pendulum: It demonstrates the essential stress ranging from communality and you can individuality underpinning users’ reasons is also manifested throughout the companies regarding memes that they generate.